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QuickSight Connection Validation Timeout


I have a QuickSight Enterprise instance that produces a timeout error when I try to validate the connection to both RDS(Postgresql) and OpenSearch instances on my vpc. I have setup the sg inbound and outbound rules, the role policies, and am able to auto discover both the RDS and OpenSearch instances. So, what am I missing?

  • Hi, Can you share our RDS and QuickSight security group configuration rules?

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Can you please double check your inbound rules in the security group used? Ensure you have an inbound rule to the security group allowing itself as source and Traffic as 'All traffic'. When RDS responds to this connection request, the response reaches 'security-group' again (since the VPC connection of QuickSight also uses the same security group) but on a random port. This is the reason we allow 'All traffic' in the inbound rule that was created. This response reaches QuickSight and a connection is established.

Inbound sg rules:

answered a month ago

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