As I can implement a Reserved Instance, I already bought it and I can not link it for billing I have created a lot of instances of different types and it does not work


Purchase a Reserved Instance, with the following information,

Tenure: Dedicated Offer Class: Standard hourly charges: US$ 0.28459 area: North of Virguinia

But in the invoice report they do not make me the discount. How can I verify, or create an instance, to know that I am being charged this amount

why the dedicated instance are charging me 2.usd per hour

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When you purchased the Reserved Instance you would have selected the following parameters

Region - North Virgina Platform - ? Tenancy - Dedicated Offer Class - Standard Instance Type - ?

In order for the reserved instance to apply all of these have to match the instance you are launching, if something doesn't match between the purchased Reserved Instance and the Instance you actually launch then the discounted rate will not apply

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answered 5 months ago

To view if the instance is being covered, you can go into your AWS Cost Management portal, and select the Reservations > Utilization Report to be able to see if your instances are covered. Additional information can be found here: How do I view my Reserved Instance utilization and coverage?

How Reserved Instances are applied - For more information.

It also appears you purchased a Reserved Instance for a Dedicated tenancy. These cost more as you're not sharing the hardware with any other instances. I just wanted to bring this to your attention because if you purchased it incorrectly, you should reach out to Customer Service right away to get it squared away.

When you're creating an instance, you'll have to make sure you're in the region your Reserved Instance was purchased for and under Advanced Details, change the Tenancy to Dedicated.

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If you are saying you are charged $2 per hour... it seems like you bought not a dedicated instance, but you reserved a dedicated host -

Is that what you intended to buy? If you are using dedicated hosts to run your multiple instances on it, you can reserve it. But if you are simply running EC2 instances with dedicated tenancy - that's different from dedicated hosts.

Dedicated instances:

Dedicated hosts:

If this is not what you intended to reserve, I suggest to open a billing support case from your account and ask if there's any way to help you cancel reservation to make sure that you are not charged for something you never needed. Dedicated hosts are expensive, and used for a specific purpose; think about it as if you're effectively paying for the whole underlying hardware server which can run multiple instances.

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answered 5 months ago

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