How to mount filesystem against a Windows Elastic Container Service using Fargate?


We are running a Windows elastic container service with Fargate and tried several ways to mount a filesystem with several issues (slow performance/unable to mount/etc). As we can see documentation says AWS EFS does not support Fargate in combination with Windows docker image.

What are the best solution to have a filesystem that could both be mounted from a ECS Windows container and EC2 Windows image? Maybe possible to mount a volume from EC2 and mount the windows fileshare here from the Windows elastic container service?

Any best practice that works and runs fast ?

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Is it absolutely necessary to use Fargate for ECS?
If you use the EC2 launch type, you should be able to use EFS, FSx, etc.
You can use FSx if you do not use Fargate.

You cannot use FSx for Windows File Server volumes in a Windows containers on Fargate configuration.

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answered 8 months ago
  • We have considered to to use EC2 but then we don't get the benefits from a server less compute for containers.

    I suppose we then need to maintenance the windows image ourselves then with service packs and updates?

    Load balancing how does it work/best solution with EC2 mode vs FARGATE ? How fast it scales and pricing?


Indeed, as mentioned here, Amazon EFS is not supported on Windows instances. If you plan to use Windows, your best choice for the file system is Amazon FSx for Windows File Server.

Amazon FSx has native support for Windows file system features and for the industry-standard Server Message Block (SMB) protocol to access file storage over a network (see here).

answered 8 months ago

There is an Amazon S3 MountPoint recently introduced. explored it if its suitable ?

answered 8 months ago

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