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I made an RDS MYSQL database and am trying to connect it to mysql workbench. I am getting the error Failed to Connect to MySQL at with user admin. I have gone through the steps of ensuring it is Publicly accessible and adding a security rule with my host ip to rds-ec2. I am wondering what further steps I can do to ensure that I would be able to mysql workbench

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Is the subnet used by RDS a public subnet?
Even if public access is enabled in RDS, access will fail if the instance is not launched in a public subnet.

Additionally, enabling public access is not recommended for security reasons.
Therefore, I think it is better to connect using port forwarding using the functionality of Systems Manager Session Manager as described in the following document.

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answered 8 months ago
  • Hi Riku, thank you for your response. I believe I was able to connect using ssh connection in mysql workbench. Will this still cause a similar problem, will I need to do this to connect to python code

  • Is it possible for you to summarize what you are currently trying to do and what you cannot do? Am I correct in my understanding that you cannot connect to RDS with mysql workbench? Could you please share what code you are using in Python and what error you are getting?

  • Yes. I am trying to connect to python and this is the code I am using import pymysql

    Replace with your RDS instance details

    host = '' user = 'admin' password = ' ' database = 'test'

    try: # Establish a connection to the database connection = pymysql.connect(host=host, user=user, password=password, database=database)

    # Create a cursor object to interact with the database
    with connection.cursor() as cursor:
        # Execute SQL queries or database operations here
        # Example: Execute a SELECT query
        cursor.execute("SELECT * FROM your_table_name")
        results = cursor.fetchall()
        for row in results:

    except Exception as e: print("Error: {}".format(e))

    finally: # Close the database connection when done connection.close()

    I am getting the error Error: (2003, "Can't connect to MySQL server on '' (timed out)")

    I have a vpc called db-vpc with a route from destination ( to target an internet gateway called db-igw which is also attached to to the db-vpc. I then have an rds connected to db-vpc that is publicly accessible and has a vpc security group called default_ which contains an inbound rule of type all traffic from source

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