Problem in migration of 2012R2 Server to 2022 server


We are trying to upgrade our win2012R2 server to 2022 Server. But it is failing. We are running the automation AWSEC2-CloneInstanceAndUpgradeWindows. There it is failing at Step # 6 aws:executeAutomation. Inside this below steps are failing runWindowsServerUpgrade2019 aws:runCommand getTheErrorDetails aws:runCommand

The error message is : Failed to run automation with executionId: 42eb542b-dceb-4adc-bbf4-9c2e13e5aca7 TimedOut : {Status=[TimedOut], Output=[No output available yet because the step is not successfully executed, No output available yet because the step is not successfully executed], ExecutionId=[42eb542b-dceb-4adc-bbf4-9c2e13e5aca7]}

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Could you share what was the value that you set the 'TargetWindowVersion' parameter to when executing the Automation? Also, it might be more helpful to cut a ticket to the AWS Systems Manager Automation team with the above information and more details around the account ID, region and date/time of execution.

answered 5 months ago
  • The target windows version is 2022.

  • Okay. If you are still seeing issues, please have a ticket cut to the CTI mentioned above with all the requested details to help investigate further.

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