How to embed DCV window while using DCV Connection Gateway


We want to embed the DCV window in an iframe:

I followed the instructions and modified the /etc/dcv/dcv.conf on the linux gateway machine as specified.
Restarted dcv and dcv-connection-gateway services.
I also modified the DCV server registry on the windows machine (DCV Server) and restarted the dcvserver service.
Neither of these worked.

I am wondering if the gateway ignores those?
Can this be set for DCV Connection Gateway?
If so, where should it be set

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The link you shared is for server only and not gateway.

I have never done this before but it reads that these settings are for the servers you’re accessing only.

You then embed the servers your wanting to connect to using the iframe method into your own page.

Can you confirm you have set the server_host name value correctly? I think this would need setting to the site of the page where the iframe has been embedded as it’s going to be CORS related.

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answered 4 months ago

The gateway will supersedes any of the header settings you applied to DCV server since the client connects to the gateway first. For a session to render in an iframe and stream through the gateway, you will need to add the following line under [web-resources] in the dcv-connection-gateway.conf.

local-resources-http-headers={"Content-Security-Policy"="frame-ancestors *"}

Note that this is not currently documented. I will update the parameter and iframe documentation respectively.

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answered 4 months ago

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