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Hey there,

my new TXT records are nor resolving. After I create a new record it is working for about 1-2 days after 24 hours. And than again the same. According to dnschecker.org the TXT record is not resolving any more and my Emails are not going through.

Any Idea what can i do next?


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Unfortunately I'm stuck with this problem. I really don't know how i can solve this problem by myself.

Any Suggestions?


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Thanks for including the domain name. That allowed me to review your hosted zones and domain registration.

You have two hosted zones named maxassist.de, owned by two accounts. The two hosted zones have different sets of four name servers. The domain registration is currently using the name servers from the hosted zone that does not include the TXT record.

There are a couple of ways to resolve this problem. I'll assume that you don't have access to the account that created the hosted zone that the domain registration is currently using. Here's how you make the TXT record resolve:

  1. Get the name servers for the hosted zone that contains the TXT record. See "Getting the Name Servers for a Public Hosted Zone" in the Route 53 Developer Guide:


  1. Update the domain registration for maxassist.de to use the name servers that you got in step 1. See "Adding or Changing Name Servers and Glue Records for a Domain":


  1. If you do have access to the account that created the other hosted zone, I recommend that you delete the hosted zone that does not contain the TXT record. See "Deleting a Public Hosted Zone":


Normally, I'd recommend that you wait a couple of days before deleting the hosted zone that is currently in use because DNS resolvers might have the names of your name servers cached. However, in this case, the A record for maxassist.de is identical in both hosted zones, and the extra records (the TXT record and an A record for www.maxassist.de) are in the hosted zone that you'll be switching to.


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Thanks a lot Scott,
Even if I have no idea about how it is possible that the domain is registered in 2 hosted zones by 2 different account, i´m happy to get it work by changing the NS Records like you suggested me. Hoping now it will say like this now.

Anyway, thanks a lot for your help.

answered 5 years ago

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