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Emphasize tag not working on console


Hi. I'm trying to generate TTS through the console here:

I am using the ssml tab with the following text:
<speak> <break time="5s"/> <emphasis level="strong">Hi!</emphasis> My name is Kendra. I will be one of your guides today. Welcome to the Hall of Heroes!

I plays fine without the emphasis tag, but as soon as I add it I get "The input text contains invalid SSML syntax. Fix the SSML syntax, and then try again."

I've even tried copy/paste with the default text from here:

Is this a bug, or user error?

asked 2 years ago42 views
2 Answers

Hi @EKG,

Thank you for reaching out. When I try the provided SSML on Polly Console with different languages I can see that it works without any problems. Can you please make sure that you are not using Neural options as emphasis SSML tag is only available for standard option.

You can find full list of tags and their availability for both engines here:

please respond to the thread if you have any further questions.


answered 2 years ago

Thanks. I could have sworn I tried it without neural and it still didn't work. It works now with standard.

answered 2 years ago

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