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/Are Custom Docker Windows Images Available In Asia Pacific Region?/

Are Custom Docker Windows Images Available In Asia Pacific Region?


I want to use a Windows image for my CodeBuild machine but I don't get the option in the CodeBuild > Environment > Environment Type for Windows. I did read this article from 2018 that mentions the regions that are available and Asia Pacific wasn't one back then, but that was 4 years ago. Are Windows images now available to use in ap-southeast-2?


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Hi, CodeBuild does not offer Windows images in ap-southeast-2. The CodeBuild docs list the same 4 regions as in the linked post.

A possible solution is using CodePipeline custom actions which enables Windows build jobs. This approach offloads the processing to EC2 and requires additional management and setup. See this blog post, it outlines the reasoning and process well.

answered 5 months ago
  • Thanks for the info. The custom actions approach seems interesting. We have started to go down the approach of creating a CodeBuild project in a region that does allow Windows builds. Then the artifacts from that build will be reference via the CodeDeploy application in the Asia Pacific region. Not sure at this stage is CodePipeline will allow me to use CodeBuild and CodeDeploy stages from different regions.

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