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Lambda Layer costs


I want to create a Lambda layer for public use.

I am wondering if there are any costs associated with hosting a layer on my account that millions potentially could use?

The layer would be a Puppeteer for NodeJS.

2 Answers

There is no cost for storing the layer -- or using the layer. However, the layer storage does take up space in your total Lambda storage in your region (currently capped at 75GB).

Whether it's safe to host a public layer is relative. It depends on whether you want the data in the layer to be publicly viewable or not. The public layer will not incur you any cost if others use it.

answered 7 months ago

There is not cost for sharing a layer.

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answered 7 months ago
  • sharing

    But are there any other associated costs?

    Like using the layer? Storing the layer?

    What about in the future? Any idea if this is "future proof"?

    Is it safe to create public layers and host them in your account?

  • No extra cost. Unless of course the layer code somehow uses resources in your account. With regards to storage, it just takes some of the 75GB storage you have in your account for your functions and layers.

    It is safe to create and host public layers.

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