How to delete AWS member account if there is no access to email used to create that account?


Hello , I have used dummy emails to create few member accounts as part of my IAC code testing and since they are dummy emails i do not have root email credentials to login and delete those member accounts , what do i need to do in this case ? i have access to the management account though.

Thank you and appreciate your help !

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You can't delete an account without the root account, and you can't remove it from your organization without first adding new payment details to the account and confirming it using the root account. This does not work for you (which you already know).

  1. Best option is to "create" the dummy email you used to set up the accounts. This might be impossible if you don't own the domain you used. But if you have the email, you can use the normal "restore password" process and get access to the root account.

  2. If that does not work, contact AWS Support and see if they can help. If not make a feature request to them to fix this catch 22. Then put the accounts in their own "Zombie OU" and wait for them to fix it.

Good luck!

Account management can be painful. Please let us know how you managed to resolve this! :)


Carl Östrand

answered 2 years ago
  • Thank you, Is there a way i can share this with AWS support directly from here as in from repost?

  • I'm not sure, otherwise that's another a great feature request!

  • Hi

    I have a similar problem. I'm not sure which email I used to create the aws account and I though I logged in and closed the aws account a few months ago. I tried all my emails. I still get the billing notifications on my credit card on one of them but it I'm unable to sign it using that. The aws account is linked to my credit card and the phone number I still use. How can I close the account without the credentials. Can you explain where can I contact the aws support and how to create a feature request to close an account which I cannot log into.


If the dummy emails can be considered to be typos, you may try to contact AWS Customer Service using your Organization Management Account (Accounts and Billing Support case) to request for the email address to be changed for the member accounts you created under AWS Organization. These email typo change requests can take time and are NOT guaranteed to be approved.

AWS accounts will always need correct owner information. Additional note: Providing incorrect email addresses for accounts created under organizations is likely to not be complying with section 1.5 here -

answered 2 years ago

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