Old buckets reappear

  1. I had an account wide settings that blocked public access to S3, all 4 boxes checked.
  2. I deleted several buckets
  3. I removed the account wide block mentioned under 1.
  4. When entering the console and listing the buckets, the buckets deleted under 2. now have reappeared, with a created date that is around the moment I executed step 3.
  5. The buckets remain visible in the console, in several browsers, incognito or not, with cache and cookies cleared or not
  6. AWS CLI command "aws s3 ls" does not list the phantom buckets.

What is happening?


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1 Answer

Buckets have disappeared now. So this resolved itself. Seems to me it was a caching problem, albeit not one of the client browser, but (dare I say it) on AWS' end.

answered 3 years ago

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