iot route to kafka-built-by-myself vpc failed,but is passed before few days

"failures": [
            "failedAction": "KafkaAction",
            "failedResource": "fromIot",
            "errorMessage": "KafkaAction failed to send a message to the specified bootstrap servers. Topic fromIot not present in metadata after 1000 ms.. Message arrived on: $aws/events/presence/disconnected/17ce7c11b83b4, Action: kafka, topic: fromIot, bootstrap.servers:"

i use kafka client on centos to check topic, topic is exist, and send messeage succeed. bitnami/kafka:3.5.1

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From the error message, it seems the IoT service can't send a message to Kafka because it believes the topic "fromIot" is not present after waiting for 1000 ms.

Possible Causes:

  1. Connection/Network Issues
  2. Topic Discovery Latency
  3. Kafka Configuration Issues

Diagnostic and Resolution Steps:

1. Test Connectivity:

  • Ensure the IoT service can reach your Kafka cluster:
    telnet 9092
  • If you can't connect, there might be network issues or firewall rules blocking the connection.

2. Increase Metadata Timeout:

  • If topic discovery latency is the issue, consider increasing the metadata timeout on the IoT service's Kafka client.

3. Check Kafka Logs:

  • Examine Kafka server logs for any warnings or errors related to the topic "fromIot" or client connections.

4. Kafka Configuration:

  • Verify there are no changes in Kafka configurations that might affect topic creation, metadata, or client connections.

5. IoT Service Configuration:

  • Review the IoT service's Kafka client configuration for any changes, especially concerning bootstrap servers, metadata, and timeouts.

6. Topic Replication:

  • If your topic has multiple replicas, verify all replicas are in sync to avoid metadata discovery issues.

7. Restart Services:

  • Consider restarting the IoT service or Kafka brokers to address potential transient issues.

8. Kafka Client Version:

  • Ensure the Kafka client version used by the IoT service is compatible with your Kafka broker version (bitnami/kafka:3.5.1).

9. Topic Permissions:

  • Ensure the IoT service has the required permissions to produce messages to the "fromIot" topic.

10. Use a Different Client:

  • Test with a different Kafka client to see if the problem persists. This can help determine if the issue is with the IoT service's client or the Kafka setup.
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answered 8 months ago
  • thanks! I find EIP Associated to AWS IOT RULE VPC destination is disassociated. Today it is happen again. I feel sad. I don't know Why it happen?

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