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s3 create Presigned Multipart Upload URL using API


I'm trying to use the AWS S3 API to perform a multi-part upload with Signed URLs. This will allow us to send a request to the server (which is configured with the correct credentials), and then return a pre-signed URL to the client (which will not have credentials configured). The client should then be able to complete the request, computing subsequent signatures as appropriate.

This appears to be possible as per the AWS S3 documentation: Signature Calculations for the Authorization Header: Transferring Payload in Multiple Chunks (Chunked Upload) (AWS Signature Version 4) - Amazon Simple Storage Service - AWS Documentation As described in the Overview, when authenticating requests using the Authorization header, you have an option of uploading the payload in chunks. You can send data in fixed size or variable size chunks. This section describes the signature calculation process in chunked upload, how you create the chunk body, and how the delayed signing works where you first upload the chunk, and send its ...

The main caveat here is that it seems to need the Content-Length​ up front, but we won't know the value of that as we'll be streaming the value. Is there a way for us to use signed URLs to do multipart upload without knowing the length of the blob to be uploaded beforehand?