How to setup Custom MAIL FROM domain for aws workmail?


Hello, i configured aws workmail and its working. The only thing that is missing is the MAIL FROM domain. I go to aws ses under Configuration -> Verified Identities and on the bottom is the EDIT button for Custom MAIL FROM domain. I click Edit and in the opening dialog I select the checkbox "Use a custom MAIL FROM domain". Then I have to enter a subdomain. I don't know what I should write there as subdomain.. How can I proceed there?

I also don't know If I need a Custom MAIL FROM domain. If I send from my aws workmail to then user123 will see that the email is from

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Hi, yes, the MAILFROM domain must be a subdomain of your sending domain. See

For example, is a subdomain of your From doc, it has to be a subdomain that you dedicate to sending via SES.

Let's say that your top domain is by GoDaddy, then you have to follow such a procedure to create properly a DNS subdomain: So, generically, it means that you have to go to your DNS admin and have him create this subdomain for you.

Updating your DNS is described in section "Configuring your custom MAIL FROM domain" of 1st link above.

Hope it helps! DIdier

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answered a year ago

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