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I'm creating a backup plan using CDK and would like to also copy the resources to another region, pretty much as it's documented here for the AWS Console.

I couldn't find a "copy to destination" option in CDK or Cfn resources though. Is that option not supported?

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Hello Customer, In order to reproduce the same functionality as the AWS backup through the use of CDKs, you can utilize the S3.CfnBucket Construct to create S3 Cross Region Replication. This document can help you get started on it:

Hope this Helps!

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Copy option is supported in CDK and CFN.


Rules can also specify to copy recovery points to another Backup Vault using copyActions. Copied recovery points can optionally have moveToColdStorageAfter and deleteAfter configured.

declare const plan: backup.BackupPlan; declare const secondaryVault: backup.BackupVault; plan.addRule(new backup.BackupPlanRule({ copyActions: [{ destinationBackupVault: secondaryVault, moveToColdStorageAfter: Duration.days(30), deleteAfter: Duration.days(120), }] }));

For CFN:

DestinationBackupVaultArn: arn:aws:backup:us-west-2:111222333444:backup-vault:Default Lifecycle: DeleteAfterDays: 14

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