Hello. I'm trying to update my stack on cloud formation to add custom vocabulary for AWS transcribe. every time I update the stack it rollback changes and the status changed to UPDATE_ROLLBACK_COMPLETE how can I know the reason of rolling back? I need to apply my change Can anyone tell me what should I do? regards,

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Consider the Troubleshooting CloudFormation guide.

Use the CloudFormation console to view the status of your stack. In the console, you can view a list of stack events while your stack is being updated. From this list, find the failure event and then view the status reason for that event. The status reason might contain an error message from AWS CloudFormation or from a particular service that can help you troubleshoot your problem. For more information about viewing stack events, see Viewing AWS CloudFormation stack data and resources.

You can also use the AWS CLI to describe your stack's events and search for the failures in the list:

aws cloudformation describe-stack-events --stack-name myStackName
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answered 9 days ago

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