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AWS Aurora MYSQL enabling Federated Server


Hello, is it possible to enable Federated server on AWS Aurora MYSQL ? If yes, How can i enable it? i would like to pull data from separate MYSQL instance in different cluster. i.e using "ABC" MySQL instance i would like to pull data from "XYZ" MySQL instance in different cluster.


2 Answers

Aurora MySQL doesn't support federated storage engine. To consolidate data from multiple Aurora MySQL clusters, setup EC2 instance or Lambda, then fetch data from source clusters, and insert into target cluster.

As alternative, Amazon Athena federated query might be the option.

answered 12 days ago
  • Thank you @yutaka_h , i'm new to Athena , will go through the document and come back .



Here's an entire blog documentation for your particular use-case of federated querying.

Link-- -- [1]

answered 14 days ago

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