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Hello! I have recently been experiencing some Error 403 issues with accessing AWS/CloudFront services, and I believe it may be reputation related.

Does AWS have a lookup to tool to check for IP reputation on there internal lists?

Thanks in advance!

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An HTTP 403 error shouldn't be related to the IP reputation. It usually means that you're asking something that the server is refusing to send to you. Usually this is related to a permissions issue or not being authorized to request the file you're asking for.

Here you can read more information:

Hope that helps.

answered a year ago
  • Thanks for the response!

    To expand, the 403 errors we are noticing are not happing with one specific site/server, its happening globally across multiple cloudfront hosted sites, all different with no relation to each other.

    Its mitigated by swapping our external IP (but only temporarily), which is kind of why I have been going down the path of IP Reputation, and trying to narrow down if we are being throttled, as we do have high Connections per second of (legitimate) traffic to AWS.



Unfortunately we have no public-facing tool to check what IP Addresses are in the AWS Managed Rules - Amazon IP Reputation List.

answered a year ago

Hi, I know it's been a long time, but did you solve the ip reputation list problem? apparently I have exactly the same problem as you, there are two managed rules that block IPs, GeoGuard and ReputationIPList, I solved the blocking with GeoGuard but with ReputationIPList still not.

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answered 2 months ago

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