Added MFA device to IAM Identity Center user, still says 0 devices, can't re-add


My personal lab AWS account, single IAM Identity Center user. I registered an MFA device for it in IAM Identity Center > User > 'user' > MFA devices > Register MFA device. I now have it my authenticator app. However, in that portal, it still shows 0 MFA devices. I waited 10+ minutes, logged off/on, still nothing. I tried registering for another device, but it says "You cannot register any more devices of this type. Please select a different MFA device."

Apparently I'm unable to connect my Terraform to my AWS via VScode using IAM Identity Center without MFA enabled.

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Thats so funny. I was looking at the exact same thing a couple of hours ago. Even if users add their own MFA through the app page, you cant see them either in the console.

Identity centre has a bug.. You are not the only one.. AWS Need to look at this.

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answered a year ago

Hi Gary. Your note gave me comfort yesterday that I wasn't insane. Thank you. You're right, looks like it works today. Be well!

answered a year ago
  • Awesome thanks for the update. I’ll check myself too. I’m glad it’s working correctly now.

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