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AWS Config Rule Naming


SPOILER ALERT: AWS Noob. I have to assess AWS Config rules implemented on a system against 800-53 controls. The system used different naming conventions than identified in the AWS Config - Developer Guide (e.g., access-keysrotated versus access-keys-rotated). Can the assumption be made these are the same rules? If not, how would I confirm the actual rule content against the rule identified in the guide?

asked 4 months ago27 views
1 Answers

The Developer Guide references are for the names used if the system has deployed the AWS provided Conformance Pack for NIST-800-53. If the system just has rules deployed, the name can be anything. You will want to make sure the the rule is AWS Managed and the "managed rule name" attribute which can be seen if you click edit on the rule matches: the identifier listed here.

answered a month ago

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