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/Can I use BYOIP (Bring Your Own IP) in different regions?/

Can I use BYOIP (Bring Your Own IP) in different regions?


If I have an IPv4 /24 address block, and I use it (transfer it) to AWS, can it apply to different regions simultaneously? A simplified example: one ip address (of the supplied block) used in the Oregon data center (region) and another used in the Virginia data center (region)? I want to have redundant EC2 services in different geographic locations in case of natural disasters, among other reasons. I also want them running simultaneously, not fail-over. I am wondering if I need multiple /24 blocks, one for each data center (region), or if one will suffice.


2 Answers

No, you can't do that with a single /24 block. Each individual /24 is bound to a region. As you suggest, to operate in multiple regions you will need a /24 range per region.

answered a month ago

For provisioning as well as advertising your BYOIP you must provide a region

aws ec2 advertise-byoip-cidr --cidr address-range --region us-east-1

Refer to the below note from this link


You must specify the AWS Region where the BYOIP range should be provisioned if it differs from your AWS CLI configuration Default region name

Another relevant notes form the same link

Requirements and quotas

  • The most specific IPv4 address range that you can bring is /24.
  • You can bring each address range to one Region at a time.
answered a month ago

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