Request: Specify timezone for Lambda rate expression



It appears that the rate expression that allows specification of a trigger time as a cron expression is based on the UTC timezone[1].

I need to trigger a Lambda function every morning at 9am Paris, France, time, but because of Daylight Saving Time I'm currently forced to update the cron expression manually twice a year. If I could specify a timezone such as "Europe/Paris" I wouldn't have this problem as I guess the cron-equivalent is based on the 'server' timezones and would choose the correct time taking into account DST.

As it doesn't seem possible at the moment (but I'm happy to learn in case it is!), I'd like to submit this request to provide a configuration option that allows to specify a timezone. It should support the "Zone name used in value of TZ environment variable" ("America/Vancouver"), but could also allow for UTC offsets ("UTC+3") and similar.

Thanks for considering this request,


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If you’re using the Serverless framework, there is a plug in for that.

answered 5 years ago
  • The problem with that approach is it fails every time there is an adjustment to the time zone rules.


Thanks for the pointer to the serverless plugin! I am indeed using serverless so that is exactly what will solve my problem. That being said and looking at the way the plugin manages the DST period, it is a clever workaround, but still just a workaround. But it's great it exists! :-)

answered 5 years ago

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