Summarize Transit Gateway Prefixes across Multiple TGW


Customer with 2 Transit Gateways, both associated with the same Direct Connect gateway.

They are looking to consolidate the prefixes on TGW A.

Currently they have:

TGW A,,,,,, etc


and would like to consolidate down to:



My question is, will prefixes be resolved using the longest prefix first? So routes matching the longer subnet masks on TGW B will still be routed, with everything else under the /16 mask being routed to TGW A?

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TGW is not the issue here explicitly. In Direct Connect Gateway you cannot currently have two Associations in DXGW with overlapping prefixes in their allow list

if you created TGW B Association first, the 3 routes (,, would be added to the allowed list in the Direct Connect Gateway association settings, when you attempt to place into the Direct Connect Gateway TGW A Association, you will get an error: "The requested allowed routes overlap with one or more existing allowed routes on the direct connect gateway"

answered 3 years ago

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