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/Error when deploying to GG core in docker/

Error when deploying to GG core in docker


I followed the instructions here:

To run the GG Core in a container, but when I try do deploy it I get the following error:
Deployment 37f3cf62-5679-468e-b614-4247b04d85ac of type NewDeployment for group 1f19fc79-366f-4840-a111-af9c3774a3a5 failed error: mounting tmpfs at /greengrass/ggc/packages/1.10.1/dns failed: failed to mount with args source="tmpfs" dest="/greengrass/ggc/packages/1.10.1/dns" fstype="tmpfs" flags="0" data="": operation not permitted

Are there any permissions that I missed or something?

Edited by: tgonzale on Apr 22, 2020 9:31 AM

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Hi tgonzale,

I'm pretty sure this is the step that got missed.

Docker only works in non-container mode.

answered 2 years ago

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