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Hello folks,

My company is an IT consulting firm that would like to enter the cloud industry and become an AWS partner. We aim to assist small and medium enterprises in migrating their on-premise infrastructure to the cloud and work on backup solutions.

One of my colleague has already managed to register for an AWS partnership account using our company name. However, the AWS partnership support is not helpful to assist us with any questions, and hence, I am trying to seek answers here.

Now that my AWS partnership account is created, I have a new business in assisting my customers with AWS migration, and I need to create a new AWS account. Here is my question: how do I verify that the new AWS account is actually part of the partnership? When I log in to the AWS partnership portal, it only shows one opportunity, and I cannot see anywhere that the new AWS account I created is linked to the partnership account.

Any expert who knows the answer, can you please help me out?

Thank you.

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When you say partnership portal do you mean partnercentral or something else? Also, what do you mean by partnership account, like a main AWS account(management ) ?

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answered a year ago

If you are not an authorized distribution seller and not the in the solution provider program, there is no benefit to link the customer account to your partnership account.

You can review the discount and benefits that comes from reselling AWS here through the solution provider program, or you can contact one of AWS distributors to become a distribution seller, here's the link on why you want to consider working with a distributor.

Learn more about AWS partner paths here.

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answered a year ago

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