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MSK - HELP Backup


Hi everyone, I need to create a backup for AWS MSK, and I found this article - using-amazon-msk-connect/ but the problem is that we have too many topics and new topics are created every day. How do I use this MSK backup solution in disaster recovery cases?

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Hello Luis,

I understand that you looking for Disaster Recovery solution for your AWS MSK topics. The blog you mentioned is currently the most effective method of backing up your MSK topic data.

To adjust the suggested method from the blog for a Disaster recovery solution, I recommend using MSK connect to backup data from your topics to a single S3 bucket. When it comes time to recover that data, Amazon Athena can be used to query said data to a new MSK cluster using MSK Connect.

You can move the MSK connector to the new cluster after recovery.


answered a month ago

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