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What new "Cache and origin request policy" matches our legacy cache settings?


We have been creating CloudFront distributions with the following "legacy cache settings": Open Screenshot

Headers: All
Query strings: All
Cookies: All

We use these distributions so we can host SSL certificates from our many customers, and redirect their traffic to our web app.

What is the equivalent of these settings with the new "Cache policy and origin request policy (recommended)"?

We were unfortunately not able to figure that out yet. Thank you for your help.

asked 9 months ago347 views
1 Answer
Accepted Answer

The legacy cache settings that you've provided effectively disable caching, and forward everything to the Origin. You can replicate this using cache policies and origin request policies, by using managed policies as follows:

Cache policy: CachingDisabled
Origin request policy: AllViewer

Caching in CloudFront is highly configurable, and it's very unusual that someone would need to disable caching in all cases - you will certainly need to do this for dynamic content, but you should try to maximize it for any static content that you have. I recommend that you read the documentation on optimizing caching and availability to try to maximize your use of the cache:

Allowing your content to be served from the cache will reduce the number of requests being made to your origin, and reduce response times and latency for your viewers.

answered 9 months ago

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