How do I upgrade MySQL from 5.6 -> 5.7 with custom parameter groups


We're preparing to migrate our MySQL 5.6 database to 5.7 before the upcoming deadline in March. Our 5.6 database is using a non-default parameter group (mostly to enable utf-8 character support), and we're not sure what steps to take to ensure that our parameters are carried forward.

So far it looks like we need to create a new parameter group for 5.7 and recreate the changes that we had made to our 5.6 parameter group before we perform the actual migration. Is this correct? What happens if we just let the database get auto-migrated to 5.7 by RDS? Will it fall back to the default parameter group for 5.7 or will it attempt to diff changes from the 5.6 parameter group and carry those changes forward?

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When you perform a DB major version upgrade, you'll have to create a new parameter group and add the custom parameter values which you had set currently. Per documentation, "If your DB instance is a member of a custom DB parameter group, create a new DB parameter group with your existing settings that is compatible with the new major version."

By default, a version upgrade will switch to default parameter group on the newer version.

answered 10 months ago

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