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Invalid MFA Code


hi i'm unable to set virtual MFA, i've tried Authy and Google Authenticator. Both does not seem to work! Scanned th eQR code and keyed in the pin code twice but it does not authenticate. i can assure that the code is correct. Any ideas? MFA Error

2 Answers

Hi, when you're setting up the MFA, it should ask you for 2 different codes, I guess you're copying only the first code twice. Try to re-assigned the MFA, scan the code and wait for the 2 different codes to see if that works.



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answered a month ago

I can't say for sure what the issue is, but I'd recommend first trying these steps, if you haven't already:

If you're still stuck, you can reach our MFA team for assistance:

— Chrissy B.

answered a month ago

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