Is it possible to use an internal RabbitMQ (ACtiveMQ) endpoint as an EventBridge Rule API Destination?



I have an ActimeMQ cluster with the RabbitMQ engine on AWS, that cluster is on a private network in the VPC.

I need to generate an event based on the S3 PutObject call and send a message to the RabbitMQ cluster.

I thought I could do it with S3-> EventBridge Events-> Rule-> API Endpoint and send the transformed message to the RabbitMQ API (

Despite configuring all this and seeing in the API Destinations: Status Active and Connections: Authorized, I see the following message from the events:

Unable to invoke ApiDestination endpoint: Timeout calling endpoint for API Destination: socket closed. What I want to do is allowed by EventBridge? i.e. make a call to the RabbitMQ API of a private cluster that is in the same account.


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Thanks for your question. API Destinations on EventBridge don’t currently support delivering events to an API within a VPC, but it's something planned for the future.

As a workaround, you could consider a solution that sets up a Lambda function as a target of EventBridge and then deploys the function in the same VPC as the endpoint of your RabbitMQ cluster. The Lambda function would then invoke the endpoint within the VPC. If you'd like to explore this idea further, we could set up a call to discuss.

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  • Hi Trevor.

    Do you know an estimate of when it will be ready? Or if it will be on the roadmap before Q1 of next year?

    On the other hand, I understand that if I generate the RabbitMQ cluster on a public subnet I would have no problems.

    I have been considering what you suggest, but I wanted to save intermediate layers such as lambda.

    Thanks for the clarifications, regards!

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