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Quota increase for Rekognition Stored Video concurrent jobs


Hello, In the quotas and guidelines for Rekognition, it is mentioned that "Amazon Rekognition Video supports a maximum of 20 concurrent jobs per account". This number is too less for my use case. Is there any way it can be increased by raising a request? In case there cannot be more than 20 concurrent jobs, are the other jobs stored in some sort of internal queue or are they lost?

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Quota increase can be requested in AWS console "Service Quotas > AWS services > Amazon Rekognition". Find "Concurrent Amazon Rekognition Video stored video jobs per account".

Currently, queuing is not supported, and has to be implemented on user side. If exceeding the concurrent jobs limit, further job submission is blocked from API (eg. StartFaceDetection).


answered 8 months ago
  • Ohk, thanks! Could you let me know the max limit of the quota please? Can it be increased to indefinite?

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