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/[EKS] Use Multus with existing cluster created by eksctl/

[EKS] Use Multus with existing cluster created by eksctl


we created and manage our EKS cluster with eksctl for quite a while. Now we are faced with a use-case where we need multiple interfaces in a pod. EKS supports multus to do exactly this. All documentations I'm able to find start with a cloudformation script to setup new nodegroups.

Im not exactly sure how to integrate this into our existsing workflow with eksctl. We already have running nodes. So I just skipped that step and installed the multus daemonset with the existing nodes and tried to assign a second interface to a container which didnt work. I checked the cloudformation script and it does multus spefic stuff (Im not familiar with cloudformation scripts) .

Q: Can I somehow patch existing nodes in order to support Multus?

1 Answers

You can follow this quickstart guide to setup Multus CNI for your EKS cluster -

In this setup, you will need to clone this github repo and install a daemonset (multus-daemonset-thick-plugin.yml) which creates pods that are responsible for patching your existing nodes with Multus CNI configuration.

After the nodes are patched, you can create the NetworkAttachmentDefinition CRD to define your network configuration as specified here.

After creating the above CRD, you'll need to add the annotation to your pod/deployment manifest to assign additional ENIs to your new pods.

I hope this helps!

answered 2 months ago

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