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/Problem in SAP Launch Wizard - cannot create EgressCheckWaitCondition/

Problem in SAP Launch Wizard - cannot create EgressCheckWaitCondition


I have been trying to create an SAP S4 Hana instance using the SAP Launch Wizard. It always fails when trying to create the resource EgressCheckWaitCondition before it starts trying to install the SAP software and after successfully creating the S4 Instance. I checked and the Internet egress is setup properly and working and all the parameters are compatible with the guide.

I am tryign to do a single instance deployement on SAP Suse LInux.

I would really appreciate it if someone has found a similar issue and has any ideas as to what the problem can be.

Appreciate your helpS

1 Answers

General prerequisites must be met to deploy an SAP application with Launch Wizard - you must create an Amazon VPC that consists of private subnet and it must have outbound internet access.

For further details you may refer the AWS documentation

answered a month ago
  • I followed that guide when setting up the Launch Wizard. I have a VPC with private subnet and outbound internet access. I connected to the created EC2 instance after the deployment failed by disabling rollback and I verified that from the instance I can go out to well know internet sites like I also included the NAT Gateway and attached an Internet Gateway as specified in the documentation. Looking at the event in the CloudFormation logs it seems to just stop trying to create that condition and does not proceed further until it times out.

    Thank you very much for your answer.

  • Thanks for your reply . Followup questions - are you using your own image or subscription from AWS marketplace ? if you are using marketplace image make sure to subscribe before starting the Launch wizard. you may also check cloud watch for more details about the error.check where the stack is failing under the CloudFormation -> Event Tab -> Failed events.
    Also check instance logs specifically /var/log/messages

  • I am using a SAP Suse Linux image, I did subscribe before starting the Launch wizard. I checked and it is failing in trying to create the resource EgressCheckWaitCondition. I restarted it and continues to fail there. I verified there is outbound connectivity from the instance. I will check those instance specific logs.

    Thank you for your help

  • I can't find any instance logs and when I try to look at them from ec2-user access is denied. I guess I will try a clean restart with a new deployment after I check all the pre-requisites again

  • Hope the new deployment worked fine. do let me know if you are still having challenges.

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