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Upgrade ElasticSearch to Opensearch taking 2 months


Hello, Our cluster is in update status since the 16th of December 2021 and is stuck at 50%:

Upgrade from 7.10 to OpenSearch_1.0 In progress	Thu, 16 Dec 2021 20:02:38 GMT
Check eligibility In progress (50%)	-

What can we do and what is the status of the upgrade?

Thank you

asked 7 months ago137 views
1 Answer

Hi there, in general a blue/green deployment process will be used when upgrading domains and cluster state would change to "Processing" while a new fleet of nodes is launched with the new configuration. There could be many reasons that will cause cluster to be stuck in processing. Some of the reasons could be:

  1. The cluster is overloaded (high CPU and JVM or low free storage).
  2. Large number of shards significantly more than recommended.
  3. Cluster is in red state or node out of service.
  4. Making simultaneous configuration changes on cluster.

If none of these apply in your case as the update is stuck for so long, the best next steps for you would be to open a Support case as this might need assistance from AWS OpenSearch team to retry the process. Sorry it would be difficult to provide an appropriate solution without looking into logs and other detailed information.

answered 7 months ago
reviewed 7 months ago

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