Powershell AWS: Update-GDBDataset with PathOptions_Parameter


Hi! I have in DataBrew a Dataset with dynamic parameterized datasets (https://aws.amazon.com/es/blogs/big-data/simplify-incoming-data-ingestion-with-dynamic-parameterized-datasets-in-aws-glue-databrew/). Name of Parameter: 'MyTest'. Type: 'String'. Condition1 : is exactly 08.

I need to change the Condition1 with Powershell. My best approach would be this but doesn't work:

$MiHas=@{"Name"="MiPrueba";"Condition"="is 07"} Update-GDBDataset -Name "Test" -PathOptions_Parameter $MiHas -S3InputDefinition_Bucket "BucketName" -S3InputDefinition_Key "Key/"$MiHas['Condition'] -Format CSV -Csv_Delimiter ";"

Any help with this would be very appreciated,

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