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/Running SQL query from AWS Glue to BigQuery/

Running SQL query from AWS Glue to BigQuery


I am trying to write data from S3 to BigQuery using Glue, this is working perfectly fine -** have used the Glue BQ connector from Marketplace**. I am able to write the data to the table at BQ but when trying to use prequery/postquery to run a delete SQL query on BQ table, it does not run. How can I perform the deletion that I need to run on the table at BQ, is there any way for this, or am I doing any mistake while adding the prequery? Below is the code for writing the dynamic_frame to BQ where I am adding the prequery as option:

prequery = f"""DELETE FROM fynd-1088.fynd_warehouse_pre.rds_subscriber_config_dms WHERE id in ({list_id})""" preact = False if deletedf_count == 0 else True

writedf = ( glueContext.write_dynamic_frame.from_options( frame=target_df, connection_type="marketplace.spark", connection_options={ "parentProject": "parentProject", "table": "parentProject.dataset_name.table_name", "temporaryGcsBucket": "bucket_name", "connectionName": "new_bq", "prequery": prequery, "addPreAction": preact, }, transformation_ctx="writedf", ) )

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to my knowledge the bigQuery Connector does not support the prequery option, as stated in the connector documentation you can see other available options here: .

The only connector that supports pre and post query is the Redshift connector as you mentioned in your comment.

hope this helps,

answered 2 months ago

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