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Transfer Family supports S3 and EFS storage targets, but a project's requirement specifies up/downloaded files be available to Windows EC2 instances via SMB (specifically a FSx share). I would let the EC2 instances mount the EFS volume used by Transfer Family, but Microsoft says Windows NFS clients can only use NFSv2 or NFSv3.

Since Transfer Family doesn't natively support FSx, is DataSync “between AWS storage services” the best way to support this workflow?

As an added twist, we'll probably need to support both uploads (items that arrived via SFTP, consumed by the EC2 instances) and downloads (EC2 instance outputs a file, which will then be fetched by a remote user via SFTP) so we'll need to have bidirectional DataSync between the EFS and FSx volumes.

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Since Transfer Family for FSx direct access over SMB is currently not supported, A workaround could be to run Managed Workflows on file upload over SFTP and use the workflow's custom step feature to invoke a DataSync API call to copy from EFS to FSxWin.

Also take a look at this blog post for Enabling SMB access for serverless workloads with Amazon FSx which might give you some ideas for building some type of file watcher using Lambda to move the files from FSx to EFS for upload.

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answered a year ago

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