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/[Feature Request] Shutdown GameSessions from Backend/

[Feature Request] Shutdown GameSessions from Backend


Why can we not terminate a GameSession from the GameLift backend?

Testing while setting up the GameLift features can sometimes mean that GameSessions do not shutdown from alone.

GameSession costs easily pass the two digit barrier in a single day - even when just idling with no players.

A feature to shutdown a GameSession is needed for developers, to help avoid costs which are not necessarily considered usual costs associated with GameLift.

What developers want and some consider a basic feature, is a free GameLift testing environment.

asked 3 months ago8 views
1 Answers

I believe the only ways to terminate a game session from the GameLift side is to either scale down the instances in the fleet (although this wont work if you have game session protection on in your fleet), remote connect into the instance and terminate the server process hosting the game session there, or have the server invoke the ProcessEnding method from the server SDK. I do agree that there should be an easier/targeted way to terminate a specific game session/server process from the GameLift side.

answered 3 months ago

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