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Is there a plan to include Data API in future releases of Aurora Serverless v2? If yes, any ETA please? Until then, can you please advise what's the recommended solution for connecting Lambdas with Aurora Serverless v2? Based on my reading, RDS Proxy seems to be the only/best solution. Can we assume RDS Proxy is sort of replacement for Data API?

Thanks in advance.

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Well, we are many that are eagerly awaiting some kind of response from AWS... I can only recommend you to raise feature requests through your Support with AWS and contact your AWS account rep. and ask them to add a feature request on your behalf.

The RDS Proxy and Data-API aren't really comparable "function-wise", but they both offer connection pooling (which is the most important feature I guess). The RDS Proxy is a "service" built into the underlying AWS infrastructure which can be used by some other AWS functions, e.g. Lambdas. The Data-API, is what the name says, an API which we can call from anywhere over HTTP.

AppSync can also, natively, use the Data-API as a resolver using VTL scripts (something we do a lot), but AppSync can't use a RDS Proxy. To use RDS Proxy with an AWS Service that doesn't have "native" RDS Proxy Support you alwyas have to go through a Lambda, something that adds latency as well as more code that must be maintained. This we can avoid with the Data-API!

I really hope that AWS listens to us customers and while being thrown under the bus right now, I hope they ca grab my foot and pull me out from there by announcing the Data-API for v2!

We are stuck on v1 (that has the world's worst scaling) because of this and we really need to go to v2 to get a functioning scaling in place but can't because of AppSync and the lack of support for it in v2... :(

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