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Getting many invoice emails from all member accounts


We have one main AWS account in which we have provisioned many member accounts. As the number of our accounts has increased lately, we have this situation where the root email address gets separate invoice emails from AWS for every invoice issued for the accounts, which causes a lot of noise for the user of that email address.

We were curious if there is a better approach for handling this problem, and if possible, we would like to know how companies with a large number of accounts (Netflix) would address this problem?

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2 Answers

Hello DataC,

For customers with multiple accounts we recommend AWS Organization's feature of Consolidated billing. You can read more about this feature here.

answered a month ago

I would suggest opening a billing support case from your "main" account - which I assume is the Management Payer account of your Organization, so the support team could investigate your particular account setup, because there might be several reasons why this is happening. For example:

  • In AWS Organizations, only the Payer account gets one consolidated invoice per month.
  • However, linked accounts may be purchasing subscription services, for example Reserved Instances, Savings Plans, registering Route53 domains, buying products through AWS Marketplaces... In this case, a separate invoice will be created for each subscription (you can check with Support team if this can be consolidated)
  • It's likely you didn't update tax / VAT settings on your accounts (you can update them from the Payer account on all your linked accounts in the tax settings page of the billing console), this might be impacting the amount of tax invoices you receive

I recommend contacting support (open a billing case) with this question to clarify what you can do. Most likely scenario (from my experience) - it's because of your tax settings.

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answered a month ago

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