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Can I load in DeepLens two models at the same time


I am trying to load two MXNet well-trained models into one project. My goal is first detecting the objects and recognized them by the "object-detection" model. Then if there exits "person" in it and I will let the frame predicted by another "face-recognization" model to located the human faces. Otherwise it will pass the face detection model directly.

So my goal is to load two different models into a Deeplens Device. But when I operated on the project manage website
(DeepLens>Projects>Object-detection>Edit>Add Model),
I found out it can only load one model at the same time.
I am wondering if I can load two model at the same time ? Or I should load them manully put the model into the deeplens locally not by the website. Or it is totally not working.


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2 Answers

Hi RuiAcc,

Through the console, you can only load one model. However, you can load multiple models manually into DeepLens locally and use them in your project.

You can see how that is done here:

answered 2 years ago

I see. Thanks for your helping!

answered 2 years ago

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