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Hi, When deploying DMS in a multi-az configuration, I understand the standby replication instance will be in a different AZ and sat in a different subnet.

In the event the standby replication instance is called into action as per the documentation;

"If the primary replication instance fails or becomes unresponsive, the standby resumes any running tasks with minimal interruption"

I am correct in thinking you can specify the standby replication instance IP address from the subnet of the AZ? -

Reason being is I use DMS within private subnets that connect to a client via a site-to-site vpn, so I often have to specify the subnets in use and also the IP addresses of the replication instance. There is no such thing as a floating or shared private IP for the primary and standby replication instances?

Thanks, David

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We cannot specify direct ip address but it could be from pool of ipaddress as defined by subnets included to setup the replication instance.

Replication instance is setup using DMS replication subnet group which contains atleast two subnets

Say we have two subnets defined (with 32 ips) and (32 IPs) then we can open firewall for those total range (64 ips)

answered 2 years ago

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