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Parser failed with error


Our parser written in NodeJS failed with the following error.

error in Cloudwatch

This error occurred at around the same time that a new release of the AWS SDK waS released. Could this be the cause of our error?

If yes, how can we make sure we do not face such a situation in the future?

If not, what else could be the issue?

P.S. let me know if I can provide further details

asked 17 days ago46 views
1 Answer

From the error, I understand that you are using a variable named 'aws' which is not declared in your code possibly. In case you are using AWS SDK for JavaScript, kindly ensure that you have declared the variable while performing any API operation. For example,

var aws = require("aws-sdk");


aws.config.update({region: 'REGION'});

var ddb = new aws.DynamoDB({apiVersion: '2012-08-10'});

Please note that the variables are case-sensitive.

As you have mentioned that this error occurred at the same time of new release AWS-SDK could you please confirm about the new version you are referring to?

answered 15 days ago

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