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Hello Everyone,

I faced one issue related to the EC2 instance. On Friday, 29th DEC 2023 11:20 AM UTC. Suddenly my website was down and it was running on the AWS cloud Mumbai region(apsouth1a). I verified by connecting to my server using SSH after one hour (ie.,12:28 PM UTC) at that time I was able to connect to a server. I found that my HTTP service was down and I restarted the service and my website was up. But, my query was that EC2 server monitoring metrics like CPU, and network in and out data points were not recorded from 11.20 to 11.45 AM UTC. Does it mean an issue from the AWS side that the server was rebooted without my involvement or a power outage in the data center? Please help us to understand about this issue.CPU metric screenshot

Thanks, Praveen

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Hey, Check the AWS Service Health Dashboard to see if there were any reported issues or events affecting the Mumbai (ap-south-1) region around the time of the incident. AWS updates this page with information about service interruptions. Thanks

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  • Checked AWS service health dashboard. I found nothing related to my issue. If anyone has an idea about my query. Please answer.

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If your server is rebooted or was down .. you need to check the cloud trail for the activities related to your EC2

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  • Nothing was found in the AWS cloud trail logs. why data points not recorded in server metrics(CPU, Network IN and OUT, etc.,). Do you have any idea on this?


Hello, From the info shared by you regarding your HTTP service being down, I think your webserver crashed which will be the reason for no data points in metrics. You might want to check web server logs Let me know how it goes Thanks

answered 2 months ago
  • Data points related to server not service. If web server (HTTP service) was crashed. Server will run right.



It might your HTTP service caused your EC2 to crash as well because of too much load on server.


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