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/Storing XML data in AWS DB/

Storing XML data in AWS DB


What is the best DB service in AWS to store XML data? I do not want to convert to JSON. Need to retrieve XML and display on UI when needed. Size may not be more than 200 KB max. Today it is stored in oracle as BLOB/CLOB which we want to redesign.

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Aside from using RDS Oracle, both MySQL and PostgreSQL support BLOB/CLOBs and they are available both as RDS and Aurora Engines:

answered a month ago


If you just want to get specific XML by key or record, you can just use various RDBMS large objects and KVS.
See @Rodney Lester 's answer.

If you want to query on an element of an XML document, the native XML database service is not provided by AWS.

You can host your own native XML database on EC2.
However, considering the management cost, I think it is better to implement a wrapper that converts to XML at the timing of saving and fetching in the application.

answered a month ago

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