Number of EC2 instances for a large number of Cloud9 developers


Assuming I have a team of 20 developers using Cloud9, and that I wish to host the Cloud9 developer environments on AWS, therefore selecting EC2 instances.

In that case, will we need 20 EC2 instances, one for each Cloud9 developer?

Or is there a way of sharing a single EC2 instance by multiple developers? Are there ways of running Cloud9 envs on AWS other than on EC2 instances? Any other ideas how cost may be optimized for a large team of Cloud9 developers?



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If you have devs working on the same code, at the same time, you can actually share Cloud9 environments. This way you can see who marked up what code, sort of like a shared google doc. You can have one nice size Cloud9 instance rather than an individual environment for each developer.

Some details . . .

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