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I have been building a product using AWS free tier. To understand its economic viability, I wanted to get an estimate what charges would I incur basis my current usage if I was not under free tier. There is a separate pricing calculator which provides an estimate but what I need is some way to get monthly non-free tier charge estimate based on my current free-tier usage. Is there a simple way to get this data?

Thanks, Dbeings

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Hello Dbeings,

Thank you for reaching out to us. Please note that there aren't any direct ways to arrive at this costs using the current usage. Having said that; I have two alternatives for you :

Option 1 : You can track your usage with the Top AWS Free Tier Services by Usage table on the dashboard of the Billing and Cost Management console.

  • The Top AWS Free Tier Service by Usage table is grouped by service limit and shows the AWS Free Tier usage limit for your top five most-used Free Tier service measurements, along with your current usage amount. A service might have multiple lines, enabling you to track each AWS Free Tier limit closely. The table shows usage as both a percentage of the AWS Free Tier limit and a ratio of the AWS Free Tier limit.

  • For example, each month you get 2,000 Amazon S3 Put operations and 5 GB of Amazon S3 storage. The AWS Free Tier usage table has two lines, one for S3 - Puts and one for S3 - Storage. If you use 2,000 of the Free Tier S3 - Puts operations, the table shows 2,000.00/2,000 Requests and 100 percent, and if you use 0.55 GB of the AWS Free Tier S3 - Storage, the table shows 0.55/5 GB and 11 percent, as shown in the following screenshot. Screenshot of the top free tier services by usage table, with service, usage limit, and month-to-date usage columns appearing.

  • To see more details about your AWS Free Tier usage, including all of your active Free Tier services, choose View All in the Top AWS Free Tier Services by Usage table. The detailed table includes additional information such as the forecast of your usage for the month and a status icon to alert you if you have exceeded the limits or are predicted to exceed the limits

  • Using these values - You can use the pricing calculator to arrive at the estimates.

Option 2: AWS enables you to track how much you used AWS Free Tier services and what service usage types you used. Usage types are the specific type of usage that AWS tracks. For example, the usage type Global-BoxUsage:freetier.micro means that you used an Amazon EC2 micro instance.

Please let me know if you face any issues, We'd be glad to be of assistance.


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