Lightsail Distrbution, custom SSL certificate and custom domain


I am trying to have my Wordpress website served with Lightsail distribution using my custom domain and SSL certificate.

I do have my SSL on AWS Certificate Manager, but I can't use it for some reason in Lightsail.

I also don't know why I need nameservers while I didn't need it with normal CloudFront (used for serving my application, back-end and front-end).

My question: How can I use my SSL cerificate on AWS Certificate Manager with Lightsail so that I don't get:


The request could not be satisfied.

When trying to access the distribution from my custom domain?

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Certificate in AWS Certificate manager can be used with AWS managed services. OS running inside Lightsail is not AWS managed service.

You can use the certificate from AWS Certificate Manager on CloudFront. You can put cloudfront with customer domain infront of your lightsail but this depends on your business requirements.

Also if you need a free certificate in Lightsail OS then I would recommend to look into letsencrypt.

answered 2 years ago
  • I am asking about Lightsail Distribution not pure Lightsail instance.

    I believe it is the same as CloudFront (it actually provides me a subdomain as it's default domain).

    And this CloudFront subdomain doesn't appear in the normal CloudeFront console, hence I can't set the certificate the normal way I do.

    It only appears in the Lightsail Networking tab, and there I can't set the certificate before adding a custom domain, and set nameservers, and DNS, and the list goes on.

    And no, I have a signed SSL certificate that I want to use (and is using in another subdomain of my main domain), not letsencrypt.

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