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How does billing work for Workspaces that are recreated.


If you have several Workspaces running and then need to delete/recreate the workspace within the month would you get billed twice for the Workspaces or just only once? The Workspace would be for the same user and same bundle type.

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Accepted Answer

That would be considered 1 WorkSpace for billing purposes. This assumes:

  • it's the exact same bundle type, both in terms of hardware as well as in terms of BYOL vs. License Included, plus software. If it's "Standard/License Included/no software", and then deleted and recreated to "Standard/License Included/Office+Trend Micro bundle", that is 2 unique WorkSpaces.
  • it's the exact same AD user/same directory. This is based on the Active Directory SID of the user (probably also AD Connector ID, if for some reason you have 2 AD Connectors pointing at the same AD - I'd keep them in the same AD Connector to be safe).
answered 2 years ago

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